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Virtue in Media is the only scripture-based technology curriculum available

Our hope is to reach as many families as possible with our message that it is possible to use technology in holy and virtuous ways.


Protect Young Eyes

The Protect Young Eyes team has been traveling the country, speaking to adults and young people about the responsible and virtuous use of technology. Our content has become a hit with faith-based schools and churches, because according to educators and youth leaders, there is very little educational content available that engages students about how to use technology well through a Scriptural lens.

We thought it was time to fill this curriculum gap, which is why we’ve created Virtue in Media (VIM). Our hope is to reach as many young people as possible with our message that it is possible to use technology in holy and virtuous ways, if we are intentional about the formation of our young people in this critical area, both in class and at home.


Chris McKenna

After a 12-year career in business advising with Ernst & Young, and six years in full-time middle school ministry, Chris is now the Educational Resource Manager for Covenant Eyes, an Internet Safety and Accountability Company. In 2015 he created Protect Young Eyes as a way to equip and encourage parents and students to use technology responsibly. Now with a team of presenters and hundreds and hundreds of hours later, Chris’ research has helped countless families around the country. Virtue In Media will be a game changer for teaching digital citizenship with a Scriptural foundation. Chris is regularly featured on news, radio, and podcasts for his research.

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