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For the past six months, we’ve been working on something special. Why? Because while traveling the country last year, we kept hearing the same need over and over from faith-based schools. And, when I hear about problems, I love to find solutions. It’s just the way I’m wired. 

Digital Citizenship and the Bible

During our visits to schools, principals, parents, and IT Directors often told us that what we do during our live presentations is pretty rare – there just aren’t enough people out there who teach people how to use technology through a Biblical lens. Common Sense Media is great for a secular audience, but they were hungry for curriculum based on Scripture that also taught kids how to navigate their technology with honor and integrity.

I drove home from Highland Christian School in May 2017 after a conversation with their IT Director, saying to myself, “this is a problem we can fix!”

After that drive home, we got to work. Virtue in Media went from idea to project very quickly.

Virtue in Media Launch


What is Virtue in Media?

It’s a subscription-based set of videos, discussion guides, hand-outs, take-home activities, social media posts, newsletter content, and more. Virtue in Media exists to help schools, parishes & churches, and home educators create safer digital environments and teach media-savvy kids and their families how to honor God with their technology.

Our intent is to start a movement, not just write a few lessons! And, we intend to use schools, churches, and families as the channels for change. The Protect Young Eyes team can only be in so many physical locations at once. It was time to harness the power of digital content and multiply our effort.

What does Virtue in Media do?

Prevent and Protect. For schools, parishes & churches, and home educators who want to create safer digital environments and protect children from online dangers, membership in Virtue in Media provides Bible-based, constantly updated, age-appropriate (K-8), streaming video curriculum. We handle the presentations with bite-sized video segments (3-5 minutes each) and give educators, Youth Ministers, and parents tools to have amazing conversations. Ongoing teacher professional development, church volunteer training, and a parent e-course on the current digital culture help caring adults create safer digital environments for our precious young people.

Stay Grounded to Scripture. Unlike other curriculum that teaches kids about digital citizenship using outdated content and age-splits, and avoids spiritual matters, Virtue in Media addresses the latest digital trends (sexting, “tricky people,” pornography, and social media), strategically groups kids into K-2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 so kids receive the right information about the right topics at the right age, and links all teaching to eight key Scripture passages. All video content was written by a former middle school youth director and was reviewed by a Canon lawyer, ensuring alignment with Evangelical and Catholic teaching.

Flex to Your Specific Situation. 24/7 access to videos allows members to teach kids about the digital life when it works best for them. Virtue in Media is designed to be used in all content areas as a foundation for or to build on existing digital citizenship and virtues instruction. Our content supports your school improvement process as it aligns with standards and benchmarks for technology integration used in accreditation, satisfies safe-environment education requirements for students, and fulfills E-Rate requirements for digital citizenship instruction.

Let’s start a movement! Families can learn to use technology well!

Virtue in Media is a Game Changer. We’re anxious to start partnerships with thousands of faith-based organizations around the country (and internationally with our expanding Spanish resources). We already have more ideas in process for “what’s next.” Technology and digital risks are constantly changing. We work very hard to stay current. What about you? Are you ready to help your families stay current? Or, if you’re a home educator, are you ready to have amazing tech conversations with your kids? Virtue in Media can help. 

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of special launch pricing:

  • 20% off (coupon: launch30) through April 15 – for those who want to do something positive on tax day?
  • 10% off (coupon: launch10) then through July 15 – for those who love the tool, but can’t pay for it until the next budget.

Call to Action – it’s time to learn more!

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